Adjusting satellite dish

So you're having some reception problems with your satellite dish. The LNB, or low-noise block converter, is the part of the satellite dish which receives the satellite signal, converts it and sends it down to your television across your coaxial cable. In order to receive a good signal, the LNB must be pointed in a specific direction, usually south. With the dish out in the elements, wind, rain and such can knock it out of alignment, but it is possible to adjust it without the aid of a professional.

Step 1

Enter your satellite box's setup menu. Though this will vary based on your box's make and model, there is generally a main menu button which will lead you to a setup menu. From there, enter your transponder screen. This will show you how good your dish's reception is.

Step 2

Check transponders 1 and 2. If both are above 70, then your dish may not need adjusting. Ideally, both should be above 80, but 70 is a minimum. If you are still experiencing reception problems, check the remaining transponders on your screen. If any are under 70, you can adjust the dish to improve your reception.

Step 3

Loosen the bolts that hold your dish in place. There are two: one that controls the up and down motion, and one for left and right. Loosen each just a bit-just enough to move the dish, but not for it to flop over.

Step 4

Move the dish experimentally from side to side and up and down; no more than 1/2 inch at a time. Have your assistant watch transponders 1 and 2 from your television screen. When both transponders are above 70, check the remaining transponders until all report a signal above 70.

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